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Ham Radio Pictures





2010 Ham-Com in Plano Texas


WB6NOA Gordon West

Stopped by for a visit



Left to Right:  Gordon "Gordo" West (WB6NOA) , Mark A. Lacy (W5TXR)

* * * * *

Got to visit with my friend Gordo again this summer at the National ARRL Convention!

What a Super Guy!































Good friends are hard to come by!


Left to Right: Robert Judy (KD5FEE) and Judge Bob Christiansen (KB2EF)

Thanks for the help!!





Fellow Ham Radio operators in the Converse, Universal City and Schertz area.








2009 Ham-Com in Plano Texas









Left to Right:  Dr. David Woolweaver  (ARRL West Gulf Division Director), K5RAV

Me, Mark A. Lacy (ARRL Asst. Technical Coordinator, NTX), W5TXR

Jay Urish (ARRL North Texas Section Manager), W5GM

David Sumner, (ARRL CEO), K1ZZ


 This photo was taken at Hamcom 2009 Plano, Texas ^




Meet Bob!

Another SUPER Guy!  Bob KB2EF














I took this picture on HWY 259 going to Tyler.

I sent this into ARRL but it never made it to the QST.

(oh well)






I took this picture somewhere in Deep West Texas.

If you don't understand this then ....nevermind







Loading up to camping !


Taking the scooter was a good idea. Allowed us local transportation without

having to disconnect the trailer.  Besids, It was fun riding it out in the dessert.

Camping in Big Bend includes Ham Radio!




Abby hanging out in the shade  playing with her stuffy.



Erin and Dad






















Me with the Love of my Life








































One of my many projects. I am constructing an Elecraft 6 meter transverter for a fellow ham.

More pics coming!




We are a Dallas Cowboys family!




der Radioraum













































Check out my Comapny

 web site

W5TXR Electronic Labs

















Gott und meine Familie sind am wichtigsten
















        W5TXR                       K5TXR                                           Erin has other interests
















                Erin likes her critterrs!                                                      Loves to shoot







Erin ist nicht am Radio oder an der Elektronik interessiert



















Die reizende Frau Nancy














Don't mess with Texas!


Left - My wife Nancy (K5TXR)  and her friends




My other hobbies include, Guns,  Restoring old Motorola tabletop AM radios (see above), learning the guitar, Guns,  pedal steel guitar

Photography (scenery and fire service),Hunting, Guns, Camping and riding my motorcycle.

(Oh yeah, Guns too)


I am thinking about a microbrewery project.

(making my own beer)



Me and my Fender



Orange Blossom Special
My Favorite Song!









































More pics coming when I get time.

I will post pics of the W5TXR lab when I get it cleaned up!

Right now it looks like a bomb went off in it!



















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