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W5TXR & K5TXR's Station

The Ham Shack


The W5TXR and K5TXR Ham Station

Turn up your AF gain



Starring the


FT-950, FT-897D & FT-991


The fabulous Yaesu FT-991A

Yaesu C4FM Fusion

Yaesu FTM-400XDR

I use the FTM-400XDR for working satellites

The Icom ID-5100 Deluxe

Analog / D-Star transceiver

The Yaesu FT-897D (My field transceiver)

Far left is my home brew NOAA Satellite receiver along with other stuff.




"What's in your Hamshack?"


The "To Go" kit consists of:


The Fabulous Yaesu FT-897D transceiver

(2) internal batteries

external charger and

packet cable all tucked away into a nice pelican case.

Buddipole Deluxe. Now, I have discovered that if you get a

Buddipole you MUST also buy a MFJ-259 / 269 antenna analyzer, even with a tuner!!!!  Trust me!

Globalstar Satellite Telephone w/ spare battery and charger.

Let's see, a Dell Net book with all ham software and a digital capable and trunking capable scanner.

(Food and weapons are in another to go kit)









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