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Thanks to my fellow hams for the kind comments!


12 FEB 12 / K5HCS 

Enjoyed your site Mark. Let me know if you come to Orange.


10 FEB 12 / Robert Bannan

Hi, Saw your FREED-EISEMANN FE15 RECEIVER project. I just picked one up and could use some info on it. If you would be willing to share some of what you have I would be very grateful. I've not yet gotten into ham radio's but I would like to get this radio up and running I'm thinking with all the dials it ought to be great to stimulate some interest in all of my grandchildren. Who knows, now that I'm retired maybe I can pursue my radio interests further. I did get involved with a ham group when I was in about 7th grade but my Dad had just started a business and made it clear what my first priority was going to be. Thanks, Bob


03 FEB 12 / KF7PHQ

very nice 73's Pat


23 JAN 12  / N6KL 

Hi! Copying your beacon on 28.260 tonight at 10pm local time signing EL09VP while I was driving home. About the only signal on the band. Cheers and 73, Dave


30 NOV 11 / WB5PUN

Like your style - I appreciate the Menora and your faith in Jesus - He really was Jewish as you know. I am Messianic myself and member of Messianic Jewish Fellowship arm of the Southern Baptist Convention as well the UMJC. Also interested in the AMBE digital vocoder stuff mentioned on this website. Cant wait to get involved in that aspect of Ham Radio. Stay cool! Best 73, Jay WB5PUN


28 NOV 11 / N3VMM

Like your site. Pretty cool.


20 SEP 11 / VK2DX

W5TXR beacon at 28.260.81 loud and clear in Sydney, Australia. Solid 589 report. October 20, 2011 01:40 GMT. Receiving antenna: random wire. RX: Perseus. I would appreciate QSL confirmation. Thanks for putting the beacon on air. Best regards, 73 Nick VK2DX


13 SEP 11 / N1LEU

Greetings, I hate to tell you this but...The time warp does not work, the tech explaination page D star etc lacks depth other than that decent website...loved the WTC audio ...sends chills down my spine very 73 Dave N1LEU


12 SEP 11 / KC2KSH

I live on Long Island NY and was 16 miles away from the WTC on 9/11/01 I could see smoke rising from lower Manhattan even at that distance..I was listining to the FDNY archives on your website..was very heart wrenching to hear it especially the civilian that was trapped..I'm saying this because I was suppose to take a job on the 96th floor of the south tower about a year prior to the attack..I think to myself had I taken that job i might not be here today or I could have been one of those people trapped or killed. My heart goes out to all the people that lost thier lives and to thier the families on that tradgic day. May we never ever see somethig like this ever unfold in this country again... God bless America! Thanks for sharing those archives ... Tom KC2KSH


12 SEP 11 / KD5PCK

Hi Mark. I just got fininshed listening to your audio files in the "hisotorical audio archives" section on your site. Very interesiting and chilling audio to say the least. Is there any way that you could send me a copy of the mp3 files? I would like to share them with a friend that does not have access to a computer. As a retired NOPD officer, I think he would enjoy listening to them. Thanks for your time. Now I am going to get back to browsing the rest of your site. 73 Scott KD5PCK


10 SEP 11 / K7DFA

I just stopped by to listen to the FDNY 11/09/01 audio clips. Thank you


23 AUG 11 / K5JEP

Just a quick hello from Jasper County Texas!


16 AUG 11  / KB8NUF

Great job on the website. Loved all the music and pictures. I especially liked the 9/1/01 fire department audio, I didn't think there was somebody out there that loved guns as much as I do. thanks and keep up the good work!


15 AUG 11  / KJ4UKR The NYFD transmissions of 9/11 drew me to your website. I read it on QRZ and just followed the link. Being a retired firefighter from Tampa, FL I thank you. I live in Cairo, GA now but I was borne and raised in Florida. Nice to meet y'all. While on the web page I checked it out and found it quit interesting. Thanks again and 73 to your whole family. Steve KJ4UKR.


15 AUG 11 / K6WMD  Very important audio feed from 9-11-2001. I remember that morning watching it unfold on the news. My pager went off right then putting us on alert here in Southern California (i'm on the sheriff's bomb squad.) Chilling reminders of what happened and what can happen again.God bless all those people who helped others that day.


15 AUG 11 / VA3MUJ


14 AUG 11 /  WX1DX AS someone that was involved in aviation at the time and who's family lost loved one in it. This brings back memories some bad some good pleas keep playing it as it is what happened not some watered down edited version. what people should be hearing and it honor's all that gave there live's then and since.


20 MAR 11 / Michelle Johns



22 DEC 10 / W5JBO

Enjoyed viewing your web page and chatting on 146.565. 73 John W5JBO


01 DEC 10 / N5CEY

Very nice site. 73's, Clifford


18 NOV 10 / KD5NNN

See you all on Talk-Net 146.420 Simplex 7:00 p.m. I enjoyed the music... 73's Andrew KD5NNN


11 NOV 10 / KC2RCX

Awesome playing on the Steel Guitar ! Smooth as a baby's back. Brings me back t the days when my Dad was trying to learn on a Maverick. Well, at least I got to meet Buddy Emmons.


07 NOV 10 / KB2HUK

great site ! I enjoyed the music


19 OCT 10 / WA3FKG

Really great web site. Despite being a "city boy" I was raised listening to Patsy Cline, Hank, Loretta Lynn, Lester & Earl, Mac Wiseman and others. I really enjoyed the music here on your site as it brought back lots of memories. I couldn't agree more on the D-Star stuff. That should have been an open source project from the very start. What we really need to work on is getting higher data rates from the available bandwidth. Always something neat to tinker with in amateur radio. My brother lives in Texas the next time I get down that way to visit I may look you up. God bless.


10 OCT 10 / N5PEI

Great site! Keep building on what you've done - especially the educational part. Really enjoyed it.


09 OCT 10 / KD0CDQ

Your website is quite impressive, and I checked into the Christian hams information for I had not hear of this group. Interesting! What led me to you is the ICOM 718 you have for adoption. You probably have reviewed your QRZ entry, and read my comments. Truly, your rig I could learn to use for SATERN/ARES Communication for emergencies, and drills. Now I volunteer on 2 meter often for charity events, and SATERN/ARES/CERT activities. HF facilities would increase my volunteer availability, and service. God Bless & Be Safe.


09 OCT 10 / KB7SQF

Enjoyed your site. Look forward to visiting often. Rick KB7SQF/NNN0TSO/GBI NMW/HP1YAO


07 OCT 10 / N3MBX

Love the site ! 9 11 tapes are awsome gave me chills !


07 OCT 10 / W8FOP

Just stopped by your website and I'm quite impressed! Love the radios, guns and country music! Had I not just purchased a 718, I would have bought yours. It's apparent that you have put much effort into your site. Have a great day Mark from Ohio! 73, Jim

07 OCT 10 / N7BEB

Real cool web site.


24 SEP 10 / WA4IQA

Hi Mark, Enjoyed the short QSO on 146.52. I'm excited about getting back on the air. I've been in the area for over 12 years and I'ts long over due. 73, Dale


14 AUG 10 / W5GSR

Just stopped in to say hi, Good to see Erin likes guns start em young. I'm in law enforcement and security on a side note.


11 AUG 10 / KE5PNW

Great Website! I think this is the best site I have seen from an operator! Also, I can't help but agree with your comments and opinions. Oh, and I also love the little bit of German that you put in it since I was born in Berlin and raised with the customs, language, and food. I'll have to look you up at Ham-Com next year. I have been to the last two and enjoy them. 73 de KE5PNW Mike :)


17 MAY 10 / K4FD

Great site, but the audio was disturbing for me, I was across the river during the attacks and the memory will stay with me forever. Although I am an Australian, I was living in the US at the time and still feel anger when I think of the 911 attacks. God Bless the USA Gary


17 MAY 10 / KF7KBN

Great Site...FDNY audio feed brings you right back to that horrible day. 73, KF7KBN Northern Montana


16 MAY 10 / KE7FEH

Love your shack and Thank you for the FDNY feeds...73! KE7FEH...


12 MAY 10 / KB5UAU

Thanks for posting radio trasmissions from N.Y


03 APR 10 / N1QMO

Hey Mark. LOVE the site. Great looking and very informative! Thanks so much for the help!




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